Thursday , February 25 2021

English Premier League: Anthony Marcial renews contract with Manchester United

Sport 360 – Paul Bojba asked his fellow Manchester United players to show their humility after a difficult draw against Burnley in the 24th round of the Premier League on Tuesday.

The French midfielder stressed that Manchester United players must learn from their mistakes in Tuesday's game after failing to score the three points they hoped to win.

"Modesty is the thing we should look at because we beat Tottenham and Arsenal," he said in an interview with the official website. "We can not be proud, we have to play as the coach says and be more modest."

"Humility and balance on the floor are important, you have to get strong during the matches and you have to be aggressive in performance, not like it was in the first half of Bernley's face."

"We entered the game as if we were winners (1×0) or (2×0), and that's why the end result was so, our return was positive, although it was disappointing, we have to learn From our mistakes, and next time we need to start the game in a different way. "