Emirates to resume flights to Zagreb


Dubai: 'Gulf'

Emirates resumed regular flights to the Croatian capital of Zagreb from October 26 to October 2019. Its partner, flydubai, will return to operate its flights during the winter season. This step involved the use of seating capacity in Zagreb to better meet demand.
Emirates flight EK 129 departs Dubai daily at 8:30 am and arrives in Zagreb at 12.35 local time. The return flight EK 130 will depart from the Franco Tudman International Airport in Zagreb at 15:35 to reach Dubai at 11:00 p.m. Emirates will reduce the number of flights to Zagreb during the closing of the southern lane of Dubai International Airport for maintenance between April 16 and May 30, 2019, for four flights a week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It will resume daily on May 31, 2019.
Zagreb has historical and cultural roots, and the city has many cafes and restaurants that enjoy its visitors during the spring and summer. The northwestern capital of Croatia provides a convenient gateway to the mountains and national parks for adventurous enthusiasts and climbers, and allows visitors to enjoy its beautiful monuments. There are resorts on the Croatian coast, such as Split, the Hvar and Pras Islands, as well as the historic center of Dubrovnik, on UNESCO's list of protected human heritage, which attracts visitors with its baroque architecture and walled city. Flydubai serves Dubrovnik twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays. Dubai 719FZ departs from Dubai International Airport at 9am and arrives in Zagreb at 1pm. The return flight "FZ1794" departs from Zagreb at 14:30 and arrives in Dubai at 23:00.


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