Emirates News Agency – The Adventures of Shahrazad's Children Reveal the Secret of Their Stories in "A Thousand and One Nights: The Last Chapter"


Sharjah, April 20 (WAM) – Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qassimi, Chairman of the Committee,
Opening Ceremony of Sharjah International Capital Book that the show "Thousand and One Nights:
The Last Chapter "presents Sharjah's message to the world in a work of art that recovers memory
Human literature presents anecdote in which all the stories of Princess Shehrazad were based
That has not yet been seen .. pointing out that the Emirate of Sharjah and the scene of the metaphor
I wanted to record a new history of integrated art shows in the region.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qassimi said that the message presented by the offer is not
It is embedded in the history of heroes and their adventures, but also embedded in the vision that begins
Including the team and team of participating musicians
The types of art you find in it offer a show that brings together artists and technicians
And technicians from 23 countries and 13 different forms of art, performance and performance
Acrobats, light and shadow.

He explained that the show tells the story of three adventures of the sons of Shahrazad, Fayrouz and Kadir.
And amen, where the audience leads to imaginary worlds that tell a new chapter of the secrets of love
Wisdom and knowledge and travel them with a journey from land to sea and from
The hills and mountains embody their full details on the "metaphor theater" techniques used
For the first time in the area.

The show, which was produced by the Al-Majaz theater and by the production of Multiplayer International, is distributed
In collaboration with 7 Fingers and "Artists in Motion" in a series of chapters in which they saw
Theater theater in actors and exhibitors representing the worlds in which they live
Heroes of the show in the rhythm of light and change of professional movements of scenes performed
The actors in the soil and ropes are compact bodies and climbers, some with movements
Artistic aerobics sports.

The offer, which will be presented during the period from April 23 to 27, three
Languages ​​are Arabic, English and French – the mysterious world of A's tales
Night and night, where the characters and energies and miraculous forms and symbols of fantasy come out
The children of Shahrazad, in missions for which his mother is destined to reach the secret of his knowledge and wisdom
And summed up all the anecdotes he had.

The exhibition depicts professional visual panels with light, laser and fashion shows
Representatives and exhibitors where artists will use 75 different colors reflecting civilizations
A different world has consumed 27 Canadian specialists and designers in manufacturing a thousand
Various fabrics.

With specially written pieces, the orchestra prepares for an epic symphonic show directly
Members of Armenia, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon present creative music
Translated by 51 musicians carrying on their chords and rhythms charm the civilization of the East
The stage is equipped with 30 technicians and a Canadian designer with equipment from Canada
The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

WAM / Batool Kashwani / Awad Al-Mukhtar / Abdel-Nasser Menem


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