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Eight new varieties of wheat and barley were developed in the Arab countries


The Arab Center for Studies on Arid Zones and Drylands (ACSAD) held the 40th session of its Executive Council in the State of Kuwait in the presence of members from seven Arab countries, including Syria.

The members of the Council, representatives of various Arab ministries of agriculture, observed the important scientific results applied by the ACSAD Center in the fields of research on feed, pasture, water resources, palm trees and land use and their positive reflection on aspects of agriculture in their countries , implemented in arid and semi-arid environments. Areas of competence.

ACSAD director general Rafiq Ali Saleh said that despite the difficult conditions experienced by the Arab countries, the Center was able to implement its plans and programs and develop its infrastructure, highlighting the importance of establishing a new laboratory to accelerate the development of drought-resistant varieties of wheat, barley and trees. Fruitful.

Saleh emphasized that ACSAD focuses on important research for Arab countries, especially irrigation efficiency and waste reduction, which exceeds 45%, and research on desertification control and pasture conservation, noting that ECSAD has developed eight new wheat varieties and two varieties of barley In the Arab countries.

Saleh expressed his appreciation and appreciation to Syria for its support to the ACSAD Center in supporting and securing the necessary infrastructure and land for research stations and applied experts.

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