Egyptian Rami Malik Best TV Actor in America


The Egyptian actor of Egyptian origin, Rami Malik, received the award for best actress of the Screen Actors Guild Award.

In The Bohemian Saga, Rami Malik, who starred in the movie "The Bohemian Saga," managed to beat his famous rivals such as Christian Bell in "The Rep" and Bradley Cooper in "The Birth of a Star," Viggo Mortensen in The Green Book and John David Washington in the film "Balkanman."

Glenn Claus won the best female role in "The Wife," starring Claudie Gaga in "The Birth of a Star," Alicia Coleman "My Favorite," Melissa McCarthy "You Can Forgive Me," and Emily Blunt "Mary's Return Poppins ".

The 71-year-old also was awarded the Golden Globe this year for the same role in the movie "The Wife."

The Best Actress Award went to the Black Panthers who won the starring bands Star Generator, Black Klanman, The Bohemian Saga and Asian Rich Asians, according to Russia Today.



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