Monday , October 18 2021

Egypt reveals the fact that tomatoes are infected with cancer


The Ministry of Health of Egypt has revealed the true news of the infection of the tomato crop in Egypt with carcinogenic disease, noting that the news is unfounded.

The Masrawy website cited Dr. Mohamed Gabr, director of the Ministry of Agriculture's Orchard Institute, saying: "What is reported through social media sites on tomato infection in Egypt or what is being exported with an illness carcinogen is totally shameful.

Pages on social networking sites have posted pictures showing a predominantly white number of tomatoes in Egypt, making some people think the crop has a particular disease.

"The white heart of the tomato is a phenomenon called disease, but it does not cause any negative harm to the citizen at all," Jabr said.

He explained that the reason for this phenomenon is the marked increase in temperature, which causes a color deficiency of the "Alcobians", which makes the tomato grain red.

He pointed out that this year's harvest at best and this phenomenon occurs in all countries that grow the crop and is affected by the high temperature.

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