Thursday , July 29 2021

Egypt is the second largest Arab exporting country to Brazil with a value of US $ 269 million

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The Brazilian-Arab Chamber of Commerce revealed that Brazilian imports from the Arab world increased 18%, with a total value of US $ 7.6 billion compared to 2017, with a total value of imports of US $ 6.4 billion and total volume of imports of 17.6 billion kg. Brazilian imports from the United Arab Emirates also grew US $ 561 million, compared with US $ 186 million last year, an increase of 200%.

Saudi Arabia topped Saudi Arabia's list of exporters to Brazil in 2018, $ 2.3 billion, up 23 percent from 2017, followed by Egypt with $ 269 million, Kuwait with $ 212 million, Oman with $ 124 million and Bahrain with $ 116 million. The total volume of goods from Egypt is 1.14 billion kg, Kuwait 622 million kg, Oman 391 million kg and Bahrain 280 million kg.

The main commodities exported to Brazil from Arab countries include fuels, inorganic oils, bituminous and mineral waxes, fertilizers, plastics, salt and sulfur, building materials, stucco, lime, cement and organic chemicals, fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, vegetables and fruits. Nuts as well as cups and glasses.

"The 2018 statistics reflect the importance of the continued efforts of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce to promote trade relations between Brazil and the Arab countries," Rubens Hanoun, president of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement. We look forward to expanding trade relations between the Arab countries and Brazil, especially as their products continue to spread in new markets in Brazil thanks to the commitment of both parties to expand growth opportunities. "

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