Egypt – Cairo: Arab Labor Conference completes its work under the auspices of "Sisi" in Cairo today


The Arab Working Conference concludes its work under the auspices of "Sisi" in Cairo today Source: News – Details with details of the Arab Working Conference concludes its work under the auspices of "Sisi" in Cairo today:

The meeting of the Arab Working Conference was concluded on Wednesday under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in the presence of Mohamed Saffan, Minister of Labor, representing the President of Sisi, 17 Arab Labor Ministers, the General Secretariat of League of Arab States, representatives of Arab and international organizations, Arab and international professional associations and a number of Arab and international figures active in the field of economic and social development.

This session witnessed the election of the Director-General of the Arab Labor Organization, Fayez Al-Mutairi, for a second term until 2023, in addition to honoring the sixth constellation of 24 Arab labor leaders from 15 Arab countries. Arab countries, since it was approved by the Arab Labor Conference at its 30th session in 2003.

The session also selected Ehab adviser Abdel Ati Alian as Egyptian member of the Legal Experts Committee of the Arab Labor Organization. Hamza Abu-Najdah, a Jordanian, dr. Ali Faysal Al-Siddiqui of Bahrain, Mohamed Kesho of Tunisia, and Dr. Eman Khazal, Lebanese, for a renewable term of three years, who are entitled to the immunities necessary for their work, Organization.

The Committee of Legal Experts is a five-member committee composed of legal competencies in the field of labor law, periodically selected from a number of Arab countries, so that it is the task and authority to study the reports prepared by the Arab countries in the field of implementation of labor agreements and Arabs. Legislation on workers' rights.

Parallel to the session, a special session was held on the situation of workers and the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, with the participation of Nabil Shaath, representative of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, chairman of the Conference, Minister of Labor of Lebanon and head of Arab delegations Kamil Shaker Abu Suleiman.

The meeting was attended by Petrus Petro, WFTU liaison officer who, on behalf of the World Federation, condemned Donald Trump's statement that the Golan Heights are Israeli territory, claiming that the Golan belongs to Syria and Jerusalem is the king of Palestine.

The ILO represented Dr. Roba Jaradat, Regional Director of the Arab Countries at the ILO, who revealed that the world population at working age is 5.7 billion people, 3.3 billion people or 58.4% working and 172 million unemployed in 2018.

She noted that the unemployment rate in the Arab region is the highest in the world, with 7.3% in the Middle East and 11.8% in North Africa, compared to a global average of 5%.

The current session witnessed a number of important topics, led by Fayez Al Mutairi, the Director-General of the Arab Labor Office, entitled "Labor relations and the requirements of sustainable development", to boycott the future of Arab labor markets and the reality of workforce. Plans and visions of sustainable development in the Arab countries in an integrated and effective way.

The second item, entitled "The Role of Modern Technology in the Integration of People with Disabilities in the Labor Market", was also revised.

The conference reviewed a series of items that provide reports on the activities and achievements of the organization, its board of directors, the regular commissions on freedom of association, legal experts and labor affairs of Arab women, the Committee on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations;

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