Dubai International Airport receives one billion passengers before the end of the year


15 11 2018

Dubai International Airport is expected to receive one billion passengers in its history before the end of this year. Since the opening of the airport in 1960, the number of passengers using the airport has grown at an average annual rate of more than 13%, surpassing the growth rates of airports like Heathrow in London.

Dubai International Airport aims to reinvent the travelers' experience, according to Paul Griffith, director of Dubai Airports. Griffith said he expects 90 million passengers at Dubai International Airport this year, a new record.

He added that the rapid growth in passenger numbers was boosted by Dubai's strategic location and expansion of the air network, with Emirates and its sister flydubai expanding their destinations, with 88.2 million passengers flying through Dubai airport last year .

Griffith expressed confidence that the current growth in passenger numbers at Dubai International Airport as a hub will continue to contribute to the emirate's gross domestic product and is optimistic about the future strength of the airport.

Griffith noted that 280,000 passengers use the airport daily, and the focus is not only on passengers and passengers passing through the airport, but on the airport's contribution to Dubai's GDP, a significant contribution is clear.

But with the rapid growth of Dubai International Airport, its infrastructure is facing significant challenges, leading to restrictions on airport capacity. Griffith said that in the midst of implementing a comprehensive plan by 2030, the airport's capacity will be increased by an additional 30 million passengers, bringing the total capacity to 120 million by 2022.

Al Maktoum International Airport has an existing capacity of 26 million passengers and will increase to 146 million passengers when completed and will provide an additional growth opportunity here in Dubai. The Oxford Economic Group expects the aviation sector to contribute to Dubai's GDP by 37.5% by 2020 and 44.7% by 2030.



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