Dubai Eye celebrates Expo 2020 Dubai with a height of over 250 meters


The Maras Group announced today that the world will witness the largest entertainment hub ever built, with a height of more than 250 meters, namely "Eye of Dubai", which will be completed to celebrate the "Expo 2020 Dubai" over 250 meters – exceeding 200% The world – as evidence of the group's ambition to transcend the boundaries of modern engineering and construction.

Maras pointed out that the eighth and last temporary support column was removed and that the last permanent installation cables were installed to complete the final structure of the wheel for the first time.

The construction of this engineering masterpiece required innovative engineering solutions. The external steel shaft structure was temporarily installed using eight huge support columns of 450 tons each. The facility required a high level of coordination to perform a series of maneuvers unprecedented complex engineering This process began with the installation of the final installation cables together with the removal of the temporary columns in stages and led the process of installing the frame in different phases of the whole year.

The enormous size of the project became evident in light of the progress made in the construction of the Eye of Dubai, with the removal of eight temporary support columns weighing 5000 tonnes, the tire fixed by 192 liters of cables. of permanent traction.

Once completed, Eye Dubai will become the highest leisurely wheel in the world, reaching a height of over 250 meters in an exclusive location on Blowers Island, Maras' exceptional destination to offer breathtaking views of Dubai's stunning skyline.



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