Drugs for treatment of thinness and weight gain


Drugs for treatment of thinness and weight gain

Weight loss drugs are the most sought after by people suffering from this disease and this is to get a full and overweight body. Slimness is one of the most common health problems faced by many people such as weight gain. Drugs for the treatment of thinness and weight gain, and for your convenience, we came to you with all the fine drug treatment followed us through your Rajim magazine.

Drugs for treatment of thinness and weight gain

There are many ways in which thinness can be treated, but there are cases where medications should be used.

Dronabinol Dronabinol

Treating thinness
Treating thinness

Used in cases of viruses that occur due to HIV and also chemo.

It treats the lack of appetite, reduces the nausea and stimulates the appetite of the individual who suffers from thinness.

When taking any medicine to treat thinness and gain weight, consult your doctor whenever possible.

  • The inability to know its effect on pregnant women, children or nursing mothers.
  • If dronabinol is taken with other drugs, reaction and adverse effects occur.
  • The occurrence of effects in some cases suffering from allergies.


Roughing Medicines
Roughing Medicines

Metgostrol is an artificial progestin, stimulates appetite and treats both:

  • Anorexia is a chronic disease that occurs in cases of excessive and great weight loss.

Metgistrol is a medicine for weight loss and weight loss, which can be given to children, but it has some side effects, such as exposure to blood clots.


Drugs for weight gain
Drugs for weight gain

It stimulates appetite and increases weight It is a derivative of testosterone and naturally stimulates weight gain In some cases, the doctor may prescribe acute trauma, surgery, and side effects that raise cholesterol, leading to atherosclerosis.

Some dietary supplements that increase appetite and can treat many of the deficiencies of minerals and vitamins are:


Zinc is one of the most common substances that increase appetite and is safe for many ages.

Fish oil or omega 3

Omega 3 is an appetite suppressant for children and adults and treats many of the diseases associated with thinness, such as swelling, and should be advised to consult the doctor in cases of children and also very small cases of allergy to fish.


Thiamine or Vitamin B works to treat thinness and weight gain by being deficient in the body which can lead to anorexia, weight loss and reduced calorie burning in times of rest.

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