Discover the secret of water on the moon!


NASA scientists say that small meteors that collide with the moon are the main cause of groundwater leakage.

This process indicates that the moisture below the surface of the planet has been retained since the moon's formation or soon after its birth. These findings could lay the groundwork for future research into the origin and destination of water on the moon.

Researchers estimate that the impact of meteorite collisions on the moon's surface has lost up to 200 tonnes of water per year.

The collision destroys the dry soil to a depth of 3 cm, forming a layer containing about 0.05% of the water discarded when affected.

A decade ago, small amounts of water were found on the Moon, not just in polar ice deposits as previously thought.

Researchers attributed the origin of water to the solar wind and meteorites. However, the origin and extent of the effects of these waters are being discussed.

"Using LADEE data from NASA and LADEE from NASA, scientists have managed to capture" unusually high and uneven amounts of water in the lunar atmosphere, "said planetary scientist Dr. Mehdi Banna.


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