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The Swiss star continued Roger Federer His recent performances, having won the Miami title Sneakers Teachers of 1000 points on Sunday.

Federer managed to win the title in the United States after defeating his opponent to American champion John Eisner in two sets of free 6-1, 6-4.

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Federer won his second title of the season, the fourth in Miami and the 28th in the Masters, increasing his total to 101 titles.

Federer extended his lead as the biggest player with 54 titles, squeezing Novak Djokovic and Spaniard Rafael Nadal following the title.

– Federer participated in the (75 Grand Championship – 16 Finals Final Round – 134 Masters Championships), which means that he participated in 225 championships in which he won 54 titles (20 grand – 6 finals of the final round – 28 Masters) for the championship title of 4.2.

Novak Djokovic He participated in (56 Grand Championships – 108 Masters Championships), which means he has participated in 175 championships in which he has won 52 titles (15 Grand – 5 Final Finals – 32 Masters).

Rafael Nadal He participated in (54 Grand Championship – 8 Final Round Final – 113 Masters), which means that he participated in 175 championships in which he won 50 titles (17 Grand – 0 Finals final – 33 Masters) with a title for every 3.5 championship.

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