Cumin tea: 8 health benefits, collateral damage to eat it!


One of the benefits of cumin tea is that it improves digestion

One of the benefits of cumin tea is that it improves digestion

Cumin tea is one of the most popular beverages of all ages and is characterized by the great benefits humans get when they use it, either by adding it to meals or by eating it as a boiled drink because it contains many nutrients such as iron , vitamin C and vitamin A.

The cumin is available in the form of seeds, powder or oils, and its seeds and powders are used in the preparation of various foods. The oil is also used to flavor food and to make cosmetics. On the other hand, it has many uses It may contain anti-cancer properties, and in this article we offer you the benefits of cumin tea to the human body, namely:

One of the benefits of cumin tea is that it works to improve digestion:
The cumin has been used as a traditional remedy for indigestion. Scientific research has confirmed this benefit. It enhances the enzymatic activity of digestion, speeds up, increases the secretion of liver to bile, which helps to digest fat and some nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. The irritable colon for two weeks improved the symptoms of the disease.

2 – The benefits of cumin tea are rich in iron:
The cumin is a food rich in iron, even when used to flavor and in small amounts. Children need iron to promote their growth. Women need to compensate for the blood they lose during menstruation. Iron deficiency affects about 20 % of the world's population. .

3 – high content of useful plant compounds:
Cumin contains compounds of turpentine, flavonoids, alkaloids and phenols. Many of these plant compounds act as antioxidants that reduce the damage caused by free radicals. The resulting oxidation of free radicals can lead to the oxidation of fatty acids in the arteries, Arteriosclerosis, Heart Disease and infections in diabetic patients. DNA oxidation can also lead to cancer. It is important to note that antioxidants in cumin increase the stability of free radicals.

4 Benefits of Cumin Tea Works to improve blood sugar level:
One study indicated that the use of concentrated cumin supplementation improved early signs of diabetes in overweight individuals. Cumin also contains some antimicrobial agents for some long-term effects of diabetes. In addition to high blood sugar, such as in diabetic patients, This substance may be the cause of ocular problems, kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels in diabetics. Studies have indicated that several components of cumin reduce this substance. On the other hand, using cumin as a seasoning can help control your blood sugar.

5- Benefits of Cumin Tea Works to improve blood cholesterol levels:
One study found that consuming cumin for 2 days reduced triglycerides in the body. In another study, 10% of patients who took the cumin extract for a month and a half had oxidized low cholesterol, the higher the level of good cholesterol in the body , but not all studies with these results, which requires more studies to prove the relationship of cumin to cholesterol.

6. Helping to lose weight:
One study suggested that adding 3 grams of cumin to yogurt increased women's weight loss. Another study showed that taking eight weeks of cumin supplementation resulted in weight loss greater than 1 kg compared to non-ingestion, but by other side The results of other studies have shown that cumin does not affect weight.

7. Prevention of food poisoning:
Many spices contain antibacterial properties, so they can help reduce the risk of food poisoning, and many components of cumin can reduce the growth of foodborne bacteria and some infectious fungi. The substance called cumin is released when digested. has antibacterial properties In addition, one study suggested that cumin reduces the resistance of some bacteria to the drug.

8. Benefits of Cumin Tea Helps Fight Inflammation:
Several tempering components have anti-inflammatory properties, plant compounds in many spices reduce the labeled inflammatory index, and, on the other hand, the information is not sufficient to determine whether consumption of cumin with food or dietary supplements helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Side Effects of Cumin Tea:
Some people may suffer from cinnamon allergy and are advised to avoid their intake. Some people have suffered from side effects such as nausea, stomach cramps and dizziness. Cumin supplements need further study before recommending, and may affect some supplements about how some medications work.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking it. A study has found that cumin seeds products interfere with drugs and increase the level of antibiotics used to treat tuberculosis in the blood. Patients who take diabetes are advised to eat cumin carefully, as they can affect sugar levels.

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