Crowded roads threaten women – Al Mustaqbal newspaper


Scientists have warned that work near congested roads increases the risk of breast cancer after they have found at least six women from the same place who have contracted the disease within three years.

A group of women developed a cancer, which is believed to be caused by smoke from the car's exhaust, making scientists describe it as a "new occupational disease."

Another group of seven women developed the disease after working in a tunnel a few miles from the US border with Canada.

The study focused on the case of an unidentified woman who worked for 20 years at Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Michigan in Windsor, Ontario.

The bridge links the United States and Canada, one of North America's busiest commercial frontiers with 12,000 trucks and 15,000 freight cars per day.

Assuming that the volume of traffic was similar in the 20 years that women spent on their jobs at 40 hours per week, they were exposed to smoke from 46.8 million vehicles.

Doctors Michael Gilberson and Jim Proffy of the University of Stirling in Scotland believe that chemicals in traffic cause cancer.

They say the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which try to contain tumor growth, can disrupt their work with the exhaust gases.

The study found that women working in traffic kiosks give them a 16-fold higher chance of breast cancer than women.

Dr. Gilbertson added that this new study points to the role of air pollution associated with passage in increasing the incidence of breast cancer in the general population.


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