Friday , July 30 2021

Chevrolet’s new “Mazda 6 fatal”

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The Malibu has become known in recent years as the most famous competitor of Mazda 6 vehicles for its elegance and affordable prices, but Chevrolet has decided to make this car more distinctive this year.

The Malibu, which appeared this year, is characterized by a more aerodynamic body, which carries an offensive and sporty character at the same time thanks to the design with which Chevrolet tried to highlight the characteristics of the front grille, lamps and body curves.

This vehicle has a double front grille separated by chrome stripes, which are elegantly designed to interfere with the headlights, while the main and fog lights come with a sharp curve and a very distinct design.

And this car was designed to give passengers a spacious and comfortable cabin, like those of luxury cars, and it had a chassis 4 meters and 93 centimeters long, 185 cm wide and 156 cm high.

The cabin is equipped with comfortable leather seats that can accommodate 5 passengers, a leather-covered sports steering wheel as well, and Malibu provides many important and practical specifications, such as electrical control systems for seat positions and temperatures, safety bags air to protect all passengers during accidents, light and rain sensors, front and rear distance sensors and cameras, advanced ABS system for brakes, cruise control systems on main roads, systems to increase stability at high speeds and curves as well as advanced air conditioning and multimedia systems equipped with them.

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