Beyonce collaborates with Adidas to launch their brand "Ivy


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Adidas occupies a position as the best sportswear manufacturer in the world and is favored by many of the most famous personalities in the world, including heads of state, celebrities and others. Another of these, Beyonce, who collaborates with "Adidas" to relaunch their clothing brand, "Ivy Park."

Adidas has announced its collaboration with world-famous Hollywood star Beyoncé to re-launch the Ivy Park brand and shoes, and the design and performance of Adidas and Ivy Park will launch a series of lifestyle products in an exclusive program. , Aims to enable the next generation of athletes, creators and leaders to remain modern and athletic.
"Adidas has achieved tremendous success by driving the creative frontier. We share a philosophy that places creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business," Beyonce said in a statement on her partnership with Adidas.

Beyonce launched her first brand in 2016 with her business partner and Topshop owner, Philip Green, but in 2018, following allegations of Philip's sexual harassment, Beyoncé became the sole owner of Ivy Park, which began her new partnership with Adidas and Beyonce will retain ownership.
Beyonce is not the only star who has partnered with Adidas, with many celebrities such as Kanye West, Kelly Jenner, Farrell Williams and others.

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