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You are interested in feeding during pregnancy to the development of the fetus, and are interested in feeding your child later for growth and development, and you are interested in feeding your husband to improve your health, but you are interested in feeding ? Choose healthy foods and avoid foods that could negatively affect your health?

Your family depends on you, so you should take care of your health and nutrition, and follow the medical recommendations with beneficial and harmful foods also to create a healthy and balanced diet.

According to the "One" website, nutrition experts have put a black list of foods that women should avoid because they negatively affect their health, namely:

Fried foods: They negatively affect the functions of the digestive system, lead to the accumulation of cellulite in the body, in addition to being one of the reasons for the appearance of pills in the body and face, and rash.

Pasta and white bread: Excessive intake of foods made from flour can cause cardiovascular disease.

Sugar: affects the functioning of the immune system.

White rice: because it contains a high percentage of starch.

Vegetable margarine: Increases the proportion of cholesterol in the blood, in addition to reducing the proportion of good cholesterol, which causes weight gain, in addition to direct impact on the heart and blood vessels.


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