Beware of psoriasis. These are the prevention methods.


Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells, causing the accumulation of cells on the surface of the skin quickly to form thick silver scabs and itchy and dry itching, sometimes causing pain.

"Psoriasis is a stubborn disease that lasts a long time and there are periods when psoriasis improves and decreases while psoriasis increases at other times and psoriasis treatment can make a big difference," said Dina Reda, dermatologist and beautician. Exposure to natural sunlight in a moderate and controlled manner will improve the symptoms of psoriasis.

Dr. Dina Reza emphasized that psoriasis treatment includes topical ointments, including the production of strong-acting corticosteroids, vitamin D compounds, which generally produce remarkable results in mild cases, phototherapy, especially in moderate cases, and modern drugs , which depend on serious cases. And intractable conditions that do not respond to previous treatment methods.

She explained that psoriasis is reflected in the skin of blisters and ulcers also affects the disease in other parts of the body too, so it is necessary to treat psoriasis to not increase the impact on the rest of the body.


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