Astronomers discover a mysterious rock at the edge of the solar system


Astronomers discover a mysterious rock at the edge of the solar system

Source: Nahla Naji_ Erm's Statistics

Astronomers have discovered a large object such as the 2.4-kilometer rock that hangs at the edge of the solar system, which is believed to contain important secrets of how our solar system is generated.

Small objects, such as asteroids in the inner solar system, change through solar radiation, collisions and gravity of the planet over time, but objects in the dark and cold belt of Caiber still maintain the early state of the primitive solar system, causing astronomers to study these objects.

It is believed to have objects in a belt with a radius of a kilometer or more, but too far, small and weak for the telescopes to be observed.

The research team at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan used a technique known as excitation, which resulted in the observation of a large number of stars.

The team, led by astronomer Ko Arimatsu, placed two 28-cm telescopes on Miyako Island in Okinawa, which monitored almost 2,000 stars with a total of 60 hours of monitoring.

The researchers found that a star appeared obscure, with the shadow of a 1.5-mile-wide object believed to be obscured, supporting the theory that planetary particles grow slowly in organisms the size of kilometers before their growth make them become planets.


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