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Arab League calls on Member States to take effective action to eliminate child labor


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The League of Arab States urged member states to take immediate and effective measures to eradicate child labor and all resulting negative phenomena and to make recommendations on the study of child labor in the Arab countries adopted by the Arab Summit of Economic and Social Development in Beirut in January 2019. National plans, programs and strategies.

The Arab League and its partners in the study, in particular the International Labor Organization, the Arab Labor Organization, the Arab Council for Children and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, on the occasion of World Combating Child Labor. Each year a date to be an opportunity to shed light on the extent of this phenomenon in the world, and efforts to eliminate it.

The statement said that the Arab region in the current decade is witnessing a decline and a sharp setback in the rights of Arab children due to the historical, political, economic and social changes that have taken place in the region, which have caused deterioration in all humanitarian situations. Direct and indirect violence, asylum and forced displacement, high rates of malnutrition and a collapse in many health and education services, with high rates of poverty, unemployment, food commodity prices, fuel and water shortages.

He pointed out that the issue of child labor in the Arab region is one of the most prominent cases of child rights and abuse, whose figures and statistics indicate a steady increase in the direct and indirect use of children in all sectors of agriculture, services, industry and illegal streets and activities such as forced labor and forced labor. As well as recruiting them and using them as human shields and even engaging them in weapons or terrorist related activities..

The Arab League and its partners said: "The study of child labor in Arab countries was prepared and released in March 2019 at the headquarters of the Arab League General Secretariat to highlight the main trends and characteristics of child labor in the Arab region.".

The statement noted that the study presented several recommendations, adopted by the Arab Summit of Economic and Social Development at its fourth ordinary session held in the Republic of Lebanon on January 20, 2019, to urge the Arab countries to intervene through immediate and effective measures to eliminate child labor and all the resulting negative phenomena through the implementation and reform of legal and legislative frameworks in accordance with the obligations of international conventions and national laws to address child labor, especially the worst, and the development of policies to provide social protection and reduce poverty and unemployment, N the prohibition of the worst forms of child labor and elimination.

"On this day (World Day to Combat Child Labor), we, the partners, recognize the magnitude of the challenges facing the Arab region and the need to build multidimensional partnerships. We appeal and declare that it is our responsibility to work towards the recommendations of" Children in the Arab States "are implemented through national plans, programs and strategies and are working to increase the number of countries that regularly measure and report on child labor through workforce surveys and the MICS to achieve an accurate assessment of this phenomenon in Arab countries ". For the Sustainable Development of 2030 in order to provide a safe environment for our children, and the optimal investment understanding for a brighter future"He said.

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