Thursday , December 5 2019
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"Apple" withdraws licenses from "Facebook" in response to violation of its policies

Apple canceled some Facebook developer privileges after a report said Blue Web's management was paying users to download an application to collect user data.

An Apple spokeswoman told CNBC on Wednesday that Facebook had violated its policies by distributing a consumer data collection application, so Apple canceled corporate certificates that allow Facebook to distribute an activity tracking application to users. .

Veredge quoted an unnamed source as saying earlier versions of Facebook, Entragam, Messenger and other beta apps have stopped working as well as other functional apps.

Facebook sees this newcomer as a serious internal problem because affected applications are no longer being released on employees' phones.

The closure follows news from a survey conducted by Facebook to collect highly-paid data from paid volunteers since 2016.

Facebook has secretly paid volunteers, ages 13-35, about $ 20 a month in exchange for a VPN network download that details details of all users' activities on mobile phones and the Internet.

Facebook is a violation of Apple's privacy policies. After the news spread, Facebook announced the end of the program on Apple devices.

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