Wednesday , October 20 2021

Apple wants to revive sales fighting against its old phones


London Apple is taking a controversial action by excluding old iPhone phones from the upcoming OS X 13 upgrade in an attempt to boost sales by forcing users to buy new handsets.

This comes after the company, through its iOS 12 operating system, supports all devices that can run the iOS 11 system, increasing the performance of all older models for the iPhone 5s.

According to media reports, the new operating system to be released soon will not support phones for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and all previous generations such as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5S.

China's International Data Company estimates iPhone sales fell 30.2 percent from a year earlier to 36.4 million in the first quarter of this year.

The new action appears to be a resurgence of troubled sales, but may provoke negative reactions, as happened when Apple deliberately slowed down the old hardware and increased the speed of battery operation in previous upgrades. The scandal forced them to retreat into these measures.

Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for the first time in 2014, making it a huge success for the company and becoming the leader of the best-selling iPhone generations.

IOS 13 will not support the iPhone 6 Plus, the best-selling iPhone ever

Analysts say Apple is suffering from the durability of its devices, which reduces the tendency of customers to modernize their devices and therefore find themselves forced to take such measures to support sales.

Apple has extended its backward compatibility with OS-12, which was based on older iPhone and iPad models dating back to 2013, allowing as many Apple devices as possible to get all the new features and security enhancements.

The new step may be a response from the company to the criticism it has received about how it restricts the performance of older devices. Analysts say it makes sense for Apple to disable support for older devices on its currently supported list to fold the hardware page about 5 years ago.

Stata, which covers annual iPhone sales since its first launch in 2007, says the company is no longer able to meet sales targets since 2015.

Millions of people still use these devices and have no justification for buying subsequent devices because of the lack of additional benefits they provide and the lack of need.

Apple and other smartphones are hoping to begin a new sales phase with the introduction of devices that support fifth-generation communications technology as it will deliver unprecedented data transfer speed.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest operating system, OS 13, at its annual WDC 2019 developer conference, scheduled for June 3.

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