Allergy to the nose .. Hell during the spring


BERLIN – The sensitivity of the nose to the lives of people infected with inferno during spring, with the beginning of the season to open flowers and the spread of pollen in the air, patients suffer from sneezing, cold and itching, which prevents them from living normally .
German professor Carsten Schmidt Weber explained that the sensitivity of the nose also known as "hay fever" is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by allergies. This infection can be caused by pollen or house dust mites.
The head of the Center for Allergy and Environment pollen that increases in the spring in particular, although it has not stopped most seasons of the year almost. They appear in local and agricultural areas where the flowers grow.
The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are coryza, clogging, sneezing, redness, itching, tingling in the eyes and swelling around the eyes.
The sensitivity of the nose is a bit of a genetic disease. The risk of a child being allergic is high if one of the parents is infected, but at the same time there is no guarantee of non-allergy if it does not appear in a parent.
The German teacher said that it is possible to be allergic to the nose at any age, and over time often accompanied by such sensitivity other types as the sensitivity of house dust mites.
As for how to detect allergies, Weber explained that there are many tests performed on the skin and nose. Nose allergy and other allergic reactions are confirmed. Individual allergies are rare. Of the pollen.
Mixed Sensitivity
Sensitivity to a little pollen is often associated with an allergic reaction to certain allergen-like foods found largely in so-called "mixed allergies," allergic to birch pollen often have an allergic reaction to apples or carrots.
Typical symptoms include itching of the lips, tongue and throat, as well as bloating or problems in the digestive system such as cramps or vomiting.
The sensitivity of the nose not only limits the quality of life but can also be dangerous if it develops into allergic asthma, so it should be treated before this transformation, by antihistamine in the form of tablets or nasal spray or eye drops.
In the long run, immunotherapy can be used and the patient is injected with allergens, so that the immune system gets used to it, so that it can better fight allergies.
You may also face problems with some simple procedures such as washing your hair at night and not taking the clothes that were worn during the day to the bedroom and avoiding the entrance of pollen into the house as much as possible partially open doors and windows . – (AFP)


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