Al-Sherif: Barcelona deserved a penalty and not Real Madrid!


The quarter-final clash in Barcelona ended with a 3-0 win over Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu match at the home of the Spanish Cup semi-final.

Barcelona qualified for the final against Real Betis or Valencia thanks to Luis Suárez's goals and the opponent's goal came with the feet of French defender Rafael Faran.

Luis Suarez won the men's title thanks to a crucial double, while Rafael Faran and Cileor Navas were the worst players of both teams, according to the evaluation of the site of Scored World.

The assessment was as follows:

Real Madrid

Killor Navas (5.5)

Daniel Serafio Ramos (5,8) Sergio Regelone (7)

Cusimero (6.1), Tony Crosse (6.6), Luca Modric (6.5)

Venecius Junior (7) .. Karim Benzema (6) .. Lucas Vazquez (6,9)

Substitutes: Gareth Bell (5.8), Valverde (6.2), Marco Asencio (6.1)


Andre-Ter-Steigen (8.2)

(7), Clement Lyon (7,4), Jordi Alba (7)

Sergio Busquets (7), Ivan Rakitic (7.3), Sergio Roberto (6.7), Osman Dembili (7.3)

Lionel Messi (7.1), Luis Suarez (8.7)

Substitutes: Arturo Vidal (6) .. Artur Milo (6.1) .. Philip Coutinho (6)