Thursday , August 5 2021

Al-Ittihad – Gargash Journal: Increasing the representation of women in the "National Federal", a leading international experience in the Arab world



Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash

Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash

Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, praised the decision to raise the representation of women in the National National Council to half of the members during the upcoming elections.

"The work of the National Election Commission (NEC) in preparation for the fourth election of the Federal National Council (FNC) is another step that strengthens the strategy of empowerment in the United Arab Emirates, institutions and political participation strengthen and support the state of the Union" "Anwar Gargash told Twitter on Sunday.

"The decision to increase the representation of women in the Federal National Council to half the members during the upcoming elections is a pioneering Arab and international experience," added Gargash. "It is also a development in the experience of political participation and empowerment.

He concluded by saying, "The United Arab Emirates, through their advanced steps in a series of archives, promote the model of a successful Arab state, an approach that draws on its history and experience, builds upon them, communicates and learns from the practices of the world.The Arab Emirates break their stereotypes of Arab and Muslim societies. "

Source: Union – Abu Dhabi

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