"Al-Inahia" launches "Community Awareness" service through its smart app


Sharjah –

The Ministry of the Interior has launched the Community Awareness service through its intelligent moiuae application, which includes a series of awareness programs, initiated by the Office of Culture of Respect to the Law, in cooperation with a group of Ministry departments, providing an important database on security, all.

Colonel Abdullah Rashed Al Shamsi, Director of the Interior Ministry Police Office, said the ministry provided a number of leaflets and brochures for Ministry departments and key sectors in the areas of security, community and law. , The Ministry of Interior for the Protection of Children, the Department of Human Rights and the Federal Police of the Community.

Al Shamsi added that community service, which was released in 6 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Urdu and Malayalam, includes topics such as the rights and duties of workers, employees, support workers, owners and children, "And the bullying, and the guide for law enforcement officials against human rights, and the ministry's efforts in the areas of human rights and "our property is our responsibility", and the definition of the security of residential and other neighborhoods.

Al Shamsi pointed out that the ministry will work to expand the work of this intelligent conscience in coordination with the rest of the departments and police sectors so that all leaflets are available for all awareness.

Director Hamdan Suhail Al Hafiti, Deputy Director of the Law Enforcement Office said: "The initiative provides an opportunity for all members of the community to access this information through intelligent and innovative means that serve the strategic direction of the Interior Ministry to provide services intelligent, easy and easy for all, which increases the ministry's efforts in intelligent transformation and the provision of its services, including awareness, through intelligent methods, in accordance with the guidelines of the government of the United Arab Emirates.


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