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Akhbar Al – Youm Exclusive Abdel – Rahim Ali: French website "Atletico" describes Sisi as a strong ally of Europe and asks France to ban the Muslim Brotherhood

Abdel-Rahim Ali: French website "Atletico" describes Sisi strong ally of Europe and requires France to ban the source Brotherhood News – the seventh day with the details of the story Abdel Rahim Ali: French website "Atletico" describes Sisi strong ally of Europe and requires France to ban the Muslim Brotherhood:

Egypt – Today, Dr Abdel Rahim Ali, a member of the House of Representatives and head of the Middle East Studies Center in Paris, has published the French news site "The French News" on President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi describing -o as his brilliant and intensive diplomatic activity.

In a statement, Ali said in a statement that the article on the Atlantico website at this point indicates the leadership of President al-Sisi and the existence of a large Egyptian people back behind him and supports him in all his internal and external policies.

Ali added that the French news site "Atlantic" also described President Sisi as the "privileged partner" of the West in the field of intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation, which can not be overcome to resolve regional conflicts in Libya and Syria, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "The president of Sisi represents more than a" trump card "to promote trade relations between Cairo and Paris, noting the presence of French companies in many fields in Egypt and indirectly contributing to the ongoing economic reform process," he added. your article. That President O Sese still has the Egyptians considered as one of the most popular leaders on Arab street, whether in the Arab Maghreb or the Middle East.

Dr Abdul Rahim said that the news site highlighted President Al-Sisi's strong insistence on combating all forms of illegal trafficking and corruption suffered by Egypt and the transfer of 1400 cases of corruption to the judiciary since 2014 to keep those involved , including former state officials, is conclusive proof that Egypt has become a state of institutions that will triumph over the will of the constitution and the law.

Dr Abdel Rahim Ali said that confirmation from the French news site that without the intervention of President Al-Sisi in 2013, Egypt would have been transformed into a religious dictatorship, "It is regrettable that France continues to receive this organization and the and to confirm the French news website that this group has been banned and classified as a terrorist since 2013 in Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and Dr. Abdel Rahim Ali summoned the international community as a whole. "
That all terrorist organizations and groups that have emerged from the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood pose a serious threat to international peace and security, emphasizing the need for international community intervention to combat and combat terrorism in all its forms and forms. .

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