Aerobic exercise helps to overcome cartilage damage


The human is exposed to the problem of cartilage damage due to weak tissue, cell deterioration and arthritis, which causes a state of pain that is associated with the person for long periods.

According to a study, some exercises help prevent the problem of cartilage damage and its benefits on joint tissues.

For the first time researchers have shown how the mechanical forces of the cells in the joints during exercise prevent cartilage deterioration by inhibiting the work of inflammatory molecules that cause arthritis.

Researchers at Queen Mary University in England have shown that this anti-inflammatory effect is the result of the activation of a specific protein, called HDAC 6. It was observed that drugs that prevented the activation of this protein prevented the anti-inflammatory effects of physical activity, simulate the benefits of exercise.

The researchers suggest that the results may lead to a completely new therapeutic approach, known as mechanical medicine, in which drugs mimic the influence of mechanical forces to prevent the harmful effects of inflammation and the treatment of various conditions such as arthritis.

Researchers hope the findings will help seek treatments for arthritis, which affects millions around the world, according to News Now.

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