AED 406 million in real estate transactions in Dubai today


Real estate action in Dubai – today – over 406 million dirhams, according to the Daily Report of the Department of Lands and Properties.

According to the report, the department recorded 128 pledges of AED 288 million, 36 of which are AED's 145 million and 92 million Lands for apartments and homes amounting to AED 143 million.

The most significant land sales were AED 24 million in the fourth region of Thania, followed by a guarantee of AED 24 million in the fourth region of Tanniyah, followed by an AED 24 million guarantee in the fourth area of ​​Tanniyah.

The Al-Yafra region led the number of sales at 17 million dirhams, followed by Al Habia's third position with 10 sales of 23 million dirhams and a third in the fourth place with 3 sales of 73 million dirhams .

In terms of the most important sales of apartments and villas, a total of AED 15 million was promised at Business Bay as the most important commitment, followed by a pawn of AED 6 million in the Palm Jumeirah area and a total of AED 4 million in the area of Palm Jumeirah.

The Sheikh Mohammed Gardens area led the region with sales of AED 14 million, followed by Dubai Marina with 9 sales of AED 18 million and a third in Palm Jumeirah with 9 sales of AED 21 million.

Mortgages were valued at AED 118 million, of which 20 were land mortgages valued at AED 96 million and 25 were homes and apartments valued at AED 22 million, the most important of which was Dhs 49 million and Dhs 13 million respectively.


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