Abul-Gheit calls for development and exploitation of Arab mineral wealth


Saraya Post / Saudi Arabia / The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, called for the development, exploitation and commercialization of Arab mineral wealth in light of changes in international trade, as well as improving inter-Arab coordination and integration in project implementation mining and related scientific research.

Abul-Gheit said in his speech at the inauguration of the 15th Arab International Conference on Mineral Resources that demand for energy resources is increasing worldwide to address the needs of the growing economic recovery, pointing out that the Arab region is not far from that trend . Electricity, for example, is about three times the global average.

He stressed that the countries of the world rely almost entirely on oil and natural gas sources to meet their energy needs, accounting for about 99% of total energy consumption in the Arab countries in 2017, requiring a multidimensional strategic vision to seize the present and work to change it in the future than during the diversification of energy sources.

He stressed that the Arab energy strategy should be based on three axes: the first is to adopt policies that allow the Arab region to maintain its strategic position in world energy markets and, secondly, the need to continuously work towards a gradual dependence on energy renewable energy. (The national energy mix) in the Arab countries, and the third is the need to strengthen the trend towards Arab integration at all levels, which is what we see today for efforts to establish the Arab common market for electricity.

He emphasized that this conference addresses issues that are at the core of the Arab development system, adopting sound policies and selecting the necessary strategies in the field of energy exploration, diversifying sources, rationalizing its consumption and exploiting its mineral resources, is one of the most important engines of recovery sustainable economic growth in the Arab region.

Source: Okaz Newspaper


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