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A young man stabs another hand by refusing to fight

The Sharjah Criminal Court considered a case in which a young man of Arab nationality was charged with assault and another young man of the same nationality was stabbed in the hand after the victim refused to quarrel with him, causing serious injuries.

According to the plaintiff, details of the incident were that he was in one of the areas and left his vehicle, and then saw the defendant who assaulted him, provoked him, but remained silent at first, and then verbally assaulted him to provoke a He fought and held his hand. Pointing out that he was trying to avoid friction with him, and remained accused followed him, and then another young man was accompanied by the accused's neck, which led to the occurrence on the spot, and loss of consciousness, and after regaining consciousness, found a knife held in his right hand, and was holding the knife, That the defendant fled after his stab, and informed the police about the incident and He was caught and treated and hospitalized.

The court confronted the defendant with accusations attributed to him and the victim's words, denied verbal harassment and admitted stabbing his knife with the help of a friend of Arab nationality.

The court decided to postpone the case to set and bring the second defendant involved in the crime of assault, giving the victim time to file the civil suit as of July 8 following.


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