A sudden jump in Betquin gained 15% in about an hour


From: Sally Ismail

Mubasher: Bitquin's electronic currency saw a surprise jump of about 15 percent on Tuesday, closing in on the $ 5,000 barrier, after reaching the best quarterly gains in nearly two years.

At 10:39 a.m., Betquin's currency rose 15% to $ 4,753.51, after reaching $ 4849 at the start of the session.

It is the highest level since November of last year.

Performance over the past 24 hours – (Source: Queen's Market Value)

With this sudden jump in the number one currency around the world, Petcoin's market capitalization rose to $ 83.76 billion.

"The retail market and the digital currency market in general are still small for the rest of the market," said Jihan Chu, managing partner of Kinichi Capital Investment and Consulting.

"It is still largely subject to waves of enthusiasm," he said in comments quoted by Bloomberg. "I do not think there's anything special today.

The gains were not just for Pitcairn, as the strong rally dominated the remainder of the Big 5 defaults at market value.

At the same time, the ethereal currency increased 7.4% to $ 152.61, maintaining its second position with a market capitalization of $ 16.1 billion.

The third riyal also increased by more than 6.9 percent to $ 0.333, with a market value of $ 13.9 billion.

Fourth, the OOS currency was replaced by a gain of 9.6 percent, posting a gain of $ 5.58, while the lithology currency was in fifth place, rising 11 percent to $ 67.39.

There is a slight difference between OOS and Litcoin at market value, with $ 4.15 billion and $ 4.12 billion, respectively.

Bitcoin Cash, which recently emerged from the list, rose 8.7% to $ 183.02, with a market capitalization of $ 3.24 billion.

At the same time, the market value of all digital currencies was $ 161.99 billion, against $ 146.24 billion at the end of yesterday's trading session.

The gains were an ally of the coded asset market in the first quarter of this year led by Bitquin, which rose more than 10% in the three months ended March, the best quarterly gains since the quarter ended in December 2017.


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