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A nice study for coffee lovers … "Eating 25 fruits does not harm the health of the heart!"


There is a lot of talk about the benefits of coffee in moderation in exchange for health damage in case of exaggeration, especially in relation to its impact on blood pressure rate. But a surprising new study by the British Heart Association shows that eating 25 cups of coffee per day does not pose a greater risk to heart health. This study may seem quite appropriate for coffee lovers, but on the accuracy of this study spoke the nutritionist Adal Ardat, pointing to the benefits of coffee in specific amounts and damages in other cases.

There have been many studies on coffee, including the benefits and benefits, including the benefits of "reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and fighting Alzheimer's disease and reducing its development, in addition to the benefits of coffee to the health of liver to enrich with antioxidants, "according to studies. Some studies have indicated its importance in relation to Parkinson's disease and have reduced the resulting fibrillation. "Caffeine and Weight Reduction

On the other hand, the benefits of caffeine and its positive impact on physical fitness and its role in weight reduction are known to the extent that it is adopted in some treatments aimed at burning fat. "Caffeine plays a role in burning fat and reducing weight in specific amounts and then large studies have confirmed a requirement to drink coffee without sugar or milk or any other additives that play the opposite role by increasing fat and thermal units ".

The negative effects also …

The benefits of caffeine when taken moderately have no undisclosed negative effects, such as insomnia and rapid heart rate and unevenness in its regularity and high blood pressure, especially for people who already have high blood pressure and who advise reducing coffee consumption. For the study, which indicated that 25 cups of coffee could be taken without having an additional effect on cardiovascular health, "is based on the comparison with the effect of coffee on the arteries. Comparing 4 cups of coffee and 25 cups of coffee and its effect on And there is no doubt that the amount is too large and can not be based on a study is limited because we can not deny the danger that may be present and the negative impact that can not be ignored in case of exaggeration.Quantity allowed

When talking about coffee and its benefits, it is necessary to determine the allowable amounts for adverse health effects in general, as a result of overconsumption. Thus, the benefits can not be referred automatically. According to most studies, only 400 mg of caffeine per day is safe, which is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee or 10 bottles of caffeine-rich soft drinks or two bottles of energy drinks. It is present in each of these beverages and should be taken into account all within the allowed amount per day, and the need to avoid caffeine with alcohol because alcohol increases the effect of caffeine.

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