A fruitful meeting of the executive office of the Arab Federation of Golf


The Executive Office of the Arab Federation of Golf held its regular meeting in Dubai under the chairmanship of Mustapha Al Zein, first vice-president of the Arab Federation of Golf, and aimed at the future of the game and its administrative and technical staff.
The meeting was conducted in accordance with Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, president of the Arab Golf Federation, in the presence of Adel Al Zarouni, secretary general of Kuwait and Abdulaziz Al Mulla, second vice-president of the federation and members of Eng. Munther Al Barwani, Sultanate of Oman, Karim Salam, Lebanon, Hatim Qayqa, Researched & Tags; for.
Mustafa Al Zein welcomed the participants and thanked everyone, praised the great efforts made in the previous stage and wished to continue to achieve the desired goals of the game and its staff in our Arab country and thanked the UAE for hosting this meeting.
Adel Al Zarouni greeted and thanked Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qassimi, the Federation's President for assistance, and greeted everyone in his second country to the United Arab Emirates, emphasizing that the next step requires more continuous work to continue the success of the game in all its activities.
The UEFA Champions League is scheduled for 2021. The Arab 2019 Championship is held in Morocco, Egypt in 2020 and Tunisia in 2021. At the Junior Championship level, Egypt hosted the tournament in 2019. Oman hosted the tournament In 2020, Lebanon will host the tournament in 2021.
A number of new tournaments have been added to the Federation calendar, the Pioneer Championship for more than 50 years and the first edition will be held in Egypt in 2019. The United Arab Emirates will host the tournament in 2020 and Tunisia in 2021. The first Rider Championship will be held in 2019, which will be held between the Arab and Asian teams. The eight-player UAE, based in the United Arab Emirates in 2019, has developed special regulations for participation and success, as well as a 13-year Under-13 Championship to host junior tournaments (youths under 18 and under 15 years) and girls.


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