Friday , April 23 2021

3 cups of coffee a day protects you from diabetes

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Eating three cups of coffee a day helps fight the second most common type of diabetes, afflicting people at the end of their lives, often linked to genetic causes, according to a recent Swedish study.

The study, conducted by the Institute "Koralinska" Sweden that those who drink coffee on a daily basis and the intensity of type II risk of their type of diabetes by 25% to 29%, compared to people who do not drink coffee, according to with the site "Entrusting Engenharia".

In the United States alone, there are more than 29.1 million diabetics, and in 2012 alone, the disease cost the United States more than $ 245 billion, although the number has increased but later in recent years due to the increase in numbers of people with diabetes.

The researchers looked at 30 previous studies on coffee and diabetes involving 1.18 million people, ending a new finding that eating 3 cups a day would significantly reduce the risk of the disease by more than a quarter.

Dr. Karlstrom, head of the research team, a professor of physiology, has confirmed that these findings apply to both men and women, noting that caffeine in coffee reduces the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the most chronic and widespread diseases in the world today, and there are no definitive treatments for it, but most doctors advise their patients to fight the disease by following the diet and exercising daily.

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