13 narrative work on the long list of the Sheikh Zayed Arts Award Branch


(Reuters) – The Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the United Arab Emirates announced Monday the long list of the Thirteenth Session of the Arts (2018-2019), which included 13 of the 382 episodes in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia .

The list included the Egyptian poetry collection Ahmed Alshahawi and the Egyptian novel Amr Adli and the Palestinian novel Yahya Yakhlef and the Tarter novel by the Iraqi Nizar Abdul Sattar and the Yemeni novel Wajdi Al-Ahdal and the novel Salem Street. Nizar Agri.

Hoda Barakat's novel Night of the Night and Lebanese poetry collection Mohammed Ali Shamseddine and Saudi Arabian novel Ibrahim Shahabi and Saudi Arabia's Amal's novel "The Divers" Al-Faran.

It also included Maha Hassan's book "The Morning of War," in Syria, and the biographical book "The Self Between Being and Finding" by Moroccan Bensalem Hamish, and Anam Kaghi's novel "The Prophet."

The award, which is the most valuable material in the field of Arabic writing, has been previously announced in its long list in the fields of (children's literature) and (artistic and monetary studies) and (development and construction of the state).

The total value of the prize in its various branches is seven million dirhams (about 1.9 million dollars).

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