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AVM® seats manufactured in standard sizes that call attention Specialist. Nurten Kucukcakir, "the height of the height of a person who came to the back of a tall man, because the scenery, the pressure on the neck of a person lower.

Feeling a sense of relief in a short time, seats are preferred because they are cheap experts, instant relaxation can lead to major problems in the future, he said.

Massage has been used by people for centuries. In addition to medical treatment, there is a complementary role in the treatment and treatment of diseases. However, it needs to be customized by experts.

"Do not compromise your health for temporary comfort"

Romatem Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Bursa Hospital Chief Doctor Dr. Romatem said that massage chairs are easy and practical, but not healthy. Nurten Küçükçakır, ed Massage is one of the therapeutic methods when applied correctly. It is good for many discomforts when applied by a person who has received massage training. If done wrong, it does more harm than good. One of them is massage chairs. Many people can not resist these places, which gives people a cheap feeling in no time. However, people do not realize that they have put their health in serious danger for temporary comfort. Because it is not known who produced the product according to its weight, height and problems in the body. Üükü

"Let me relax, you can be paralyzed"

Shopping center seats are produced in standard sizes. Nurten Küçükçakır said, yl As there is no height adjustment, the place on the back of a tall person can press the neck of a lower person. This can lead to health problems that lead to paralysis instead of pain relief and relaxation. In terms of health, from our socks to our shoes, from the seat we sit in the bed, from the clothes we use to the used clothing until the cushion is considered, these seats are not considered harmful. For a healthy massage, first and foremost, individual massage methods are required for one's own metabolism. For this reason, everyone should have their own special needs and massage Bu he said.

Especially children and people over 65 should not use massage chairs, which expresses Küçükçakır, kesinlikle Children have bones in development. When pressure is applied to the region that should not be applied, it can cause problems with its development. Elderly people can cause bone fractures and cause slippage or fractures between the vertebrae. Some of the massage chairs may be more dangerous for people with heart disease because the electromagnetic field is unavoidable.



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