Why is it important for future bride Hanife Gürdal to become a bomb officer?


One of the most colorful names added to our lives by Yildiz's programs is definitely Hanife Gurdal … "In this world you have none, Hanife!" Hanife Gurdal, we are so annoying, appeared in an interesting news. Hanife Gurdal, who started working as a bomb officer at a gas station, managed to get rid of the agenda …

"I'm in power, like"

"I'm in power, like"

News news agencies in the news falling last week, Gürdal, "There is no work she can not do. I get very positive reactions. I have insurance now. I love my work"such statements have been found.

Cartoonist Umut Sarıkaya "I'm in power.Gürdal's happiness, which expressed his thoughts, could be read in his face.

"They treat me like a princess"

Soon after this news was heard, interesting words about Hanife were presented.

Top & # 39;announceHanife, accused of "I responded to the rumors of a live broadcast by connecting to a program. "I'm so happy, I'm where I want to be. They treat me like a princess."said.

Become the princess at your father's house!

Become the princess at your father's house!

And that's the point! I do not think Hanife has participated in the Izdivaç program to become a figure of fame or popular culture.

Although this sort of thing comes to mind in the process, I still think the real question is "peace," "happiness," "the continuity of the princesses in the father's house."

& # 39; Deserved & # 39;

& # 39; Deserved & # 39;

Hanife Gurdal, Song of Hadise, as a princess; to participate in this program did not laugh the face. "You are not in this world, Hanife!" Told us. Many reality show stars were forgotten when a short period became popular.

Hanife "coming to work" now deserves a very comfortable "Well done!"

Those who follow Hanife, who find him sympathetic or even accepted as an idol, a woman can work as a pumping station at the gas station can see.

3 Aunts coming to love when we hear 1 house, aunts …

3 Aunts coming to love when we hear 1 house, aunts ...

The issue of women's participation in business life is often in the background, but if you ask me, it is one of the most critical problems.

especially We lose our faith in marriage because of programs unfortunately.

We were terrified that the great men were able to obtain electricity from women's insurance, when they heard homes, they began to love.

Women will save the world

Women will save the world

It is precisely for this reason that it is not a matter of fact that Hanife, instead of announcing, presents a profession associated with "men" rather than private life and marriage.. The priority of women should be to entrepreneurial life in the same way as many men.

Private life must remain private. Women should be more involved in business life.

The situation in this patriarchal world is obvious. Women will save the world. I propose an alternative to the project 'Snowdrop': the business life of Haydi women!

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