Who is the black ring in the pit series? Who did Keto know? Watch the 50th final episode of the pit!


In the 50th final episode of Çukur, which appeared on the night of Monday, January 28, the game of Çeto was successful. As the tension in the vicinity is not enough, when Vartolu and Cumali go to the top of the teams, blood pressure increases. The deal goes out of the neighborhood debate and turns to the discussion of Cum Koçovalı & # 39; between Vartolu and Cumali. All this is done while Veysel points his gun to the neighborhood.

"Who shot the slope?" confused question. Reached by a person he knew on the slope of Çukur, he opened his eyes at the hospital. The inclination gave contradictory answers to those who asked who shot him. In the hillside dream, the man who shot himself Medet and Meke was curious to see the curiosity. And who is the traitor in the Kozovans? Is Medet Meke or Alness?

Anyone who receives news that the slope is awake is flowing to the hospital. Cumali first entering the room, Sena and see the state of the slope is allowed to enter. Cumali envies the interest of the slope, responds with the joke. While all this is happening, Selim is paying attention to everyone in the room. For Selim, everyone is a potential culprit now, knowing the face is familiar.

Sleeping in the hospital, the slope, begins to dream of seeing the day he was shot. The main hatchback of the shot, Meke finds himself shot. Suddenly waking up breathless slope, this time with a gun in hand sees Medet. The slope that really wakes from the nightmare sees Alkion at the door and calls it.

Talking to Ferhat and returning to the hospital, Vartolu arrives at Cumali and opens the subject of Ferhat. When Cally starts to get nervous, Vartolu wants him and Meke to remain calm. Denying this request, Cumali says he will not lift a finger.

Çeto and Mahsun, who gathered back the Karakuzular, say that he has avenged himself. Ceto says neighborhood residents fell together, interfering with events. When he sent his men to Ferhat's house, Ferhat took his weapon and took his friends. Medet, who watches from the outside, is searching for Vartolu.

The fact that Ferhat arrives at Meke's place as the first stop after the funeral bother Cumali. When Vartolu's effort to calm down did not help Cumali, he argued furiously with Ferhat. With the last exit from Ferhat, Cumali could not take it anymore and began firing with a gun on the youth of Çukur.

Cumali, gathering his brother's shop, is happy with the news that Yamaha woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Selim at the hospital and thanked him for saving him. Selim realizes that the cliff does not remember everything, and asks if he remembers who ambushed him. When the hillside says it's a familiar face, Selim asks. The slope is the sniper's friend's face, says his brother's face.

Selen, taking Sena to the hospital garden to talk, tells the Seine that Fikret, in his apartment building, is actually Mahsun. After Selim's words, Sena, who suddenly gathered in her head like the pieces of the puzzle, wondered what had happened to her. Sena, who can not control her nerves and learns to go home and face Mahsun, but Selim warns him to stay calm.

Ayse's house is stored in a wounded wounded while fleeing Vartolu's Ayse is forced to do a dressing. Turning this moment of crisis into an opportunity, Ayse is too hard when he tries to take a bullet from Ceto.

Vartolu sees the youth of Çukur fighting. He fires a few shots into the air to separate the fight. Then Vartolu learns the cause of the struggle among the youth of Çukur. combats; Meke, because his father's shop was burned, the other side ends up blaming Meke for stabbing Serkan. Vartolu warns the youth of Pit and tells them not to fight, but faces the reaction of youth.


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