Wednesday , June 16 2021

What's behind the 10-Year Challenge?

The social networking site has been spreading on Facebook since last week 10 years ago
change the movement (10 year Challenge) has created controversy.

According to CBS News, experts interested in the subject of artificial intelligence,
social media 10 years before and after the photos he shared comparatively
that motion may be in the goal of developing "facial recognition algorithms."
He argued.

Professor at Stern Business School at New York University Dr. Amy Webb,
His a great opportunity for artificial intelligence to learn Facebook
systems, users will recognize small changes in images better
noted that the development of the way.

Kate O'Neill, Wired Writer for Technology News Website movement
"Not a harmless entertainment"
wrote an article he presented.

O & # 39; Neill, photos showing 10 years ago and then side by side, people
for a technology that seeks to capture its change over the years
very useful

In the discussion Facebook there is also a
affirmation released.

In the statement, "the movement initiated by users spread spontaneously and
the company does not benefit from this"The statement happened.

Together with Facebook Instagram and chirpin Turkey last week
take pictures of millions of people 10 years ago and then shoot
joined for sharing.

Facebook recognizes users and contacts
for has been using the facial recognition program for years.

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