What is insulin resistance? Pay attention to these symptoms to avoid being dangerous


Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Hatice Ozer, the decline of insulin resistance is effective in the formation of other disorders, said: "The symptoms of insulin resistance should be noted as soon as possible to consult an endocrinologist," he said.

Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases Hatice Ozer, the decline of insulin resistance reported the effects of the formation of other disorders.

Affirming that the relationship between insulin resistance and cancer has been the focus of attention for many years, Özer said. Göre According to the studies, there is a strong relationship between insulin resistance and breast cancer, renal cell cancer (renal cancer), prostate cancer, endometrial (uterine) cancer " he said.

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What are the symptoms of insulin resistance?
– After a heavy meal, after eating a sugary meal, excessive weight sensation, drowsiness.
– Hand shaking, sweating when sugar begins to fall wildly after a meal.
– Complaints of scraping of the stomach.
– Unable to control weight gain.
– Frequent desire to eat dessert. Feeling tired.
– increased waist circumference.
– Browning and darkening of the color, especially in the armpits, groin, areas of the neck called "Acanthosis Nigrikans".
– Fat liver. Weight gain. Weight loss complaints.
– Menstrual irregularities in women.
– A feeling of fatigue and weakness. Insomnia.
– Defects in blood fats. Impairment of focus and thought.
– As soon as you notice signs of insulin resistance, an endocrinologist should be consulted.


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