What is causing an electronic cigarette?


He is the vice rector of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Selçuk. Dr. Ozturk, the World Cigarette Stop Day, so the AA correspondent made statements. Öztürk said that the negative effects of smoking and tobacco use on all health parameters, especially heart, brain and vascular diseases, have been scientifically proven. used. Öztürk, on exposure to secondhand smoke "in individuals exposed to passive smoking, the risk of cerebrovascular disease is more than 30% of those who are not exposed to this condition." he said.

both in the world of cigarettes and tobacco removal to reduce and eliminate the use that Turkey transfers into successful campaigns continued Ozturk, the individual's fight against smoking that a subject can be successfully continued alone, in this sense stressed the importance of cooperation in all areas relevant to society. Ozturk, education and media support in the fight against smoking is the first condition, stating that people from childhood and the harms of tobacco and its products should be informed about ways to combat.

Öztürk has warned cigarette distribution companies to use stimulating and effective signs in the packaging and sales areas.

"Discriminatory prices and taxes must be regulated in the use of these substances. In addition to smoking restrictions in designated areas, in addition to smoking restrictions, it is easy to get and avoid tobacco use. Experienced and multidisciplinary support systems must be created ".


Noting that electronic cigarettes are spreading, Öztürk said he is known to have more than 150 types of electronic cigarettes today.

There is insufficient scientific data on the safety of electronic cigarette use, Ozturk said. found in the assessment.

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