We could not do that on the P30, but take the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G!


We could not do that on the P30, but take the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G!

2019 year with manufacturers 5G began offering their phones back to the market. On the operator side America, Japan and South Korea many countries, especially 5G We see this with support. The first producer at the moment Samsung was recently Oppo Swisscom with 5G the test Europe in the market and at the moment SamsungHe was ahead of him. The rest of summer Galaxy S10 5G before sale Oppo Reno 5G Looks like we're gonna meet. While all this is happening Huawei 5G he was silent beside and P30 on the Serie 5G with support. only Companion X folding on the phone 5G Chinese manufacturer today Huawei Companion 20 X 5G output.

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Huawei Companion 20 X 5G is coming!

Huawei Next Generation 5G Phone Standard 20 X CompanionIt will be a little different. The biggest difference at this time 5000 mAh battery power 4200 mAh battery power and 40W Rapid Charge support is happening. Hauwe dePreviously promoted Balong 5000 the modem Kirin 980With the addition of Kirin 980 5G to support. Huawei at this moment of Qualcomm X50 supported Snapdragon 855 instead of chipset with its own chipset continues on the road and enjoyment. Because your Samsung opponent did not take this risk and Galaxy S10 5G model Snapdragon 855 continued with the chipset.

The date and price of the phone are not yet known; Let's share with you how the details detaylar

Huawei's CEO Huawei's CEO Companion 20 X Review


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