We can increase the speed limit in 5 km in Istanbul Minister Soylu Motorways


Speaking at the event, which was organized as part of World Transit Victims' Day of Remembrance, Interior Minister Suleiman Noble said against criticism of increased fines and traffic measures. Noble can also be regulated on speed limitation of motorways, giving the signal, "120 kilometers, which is 120 kilometers on the motorway, perhaps adding another 5 miles to 125 can be added .125 plus 10 percent of this limit can rise to 137.5, "he said.

Ministry of Interior, the World Health Organization and the University of Health Sciences cooperation in the Üsküdar Municipality Wedding Palace in organized activities Minister of the Interior, Suleyman Soylu, representative of the World Health Organization in Turkey, Pavel Ursu, governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya , police chief Celal Uzunkaya, Istanbul Diligent police chief Mustafa, Health Rector of the University of Science Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, artist Orhan Gencebay, sports commentator Rıdvan Dilmen, traffic victims and many guests attended.

Speaking on the show, Soylu began his speech with the story of Gizem Kılıç, 20, who lost his life while waiting for organ donation. Soylu died at the age of 12 after a traffic accident expected small bowel transplant, but the necessary donations were lost because of Noble's death, "The problem was actually a traffic accident. Passion will not get in the traffic accident, maybe , maybe the accident.At the end of the accident, did not even know that the news was saved, but the accident did not end and continued.In fact, even if no accident has been removed from the debris of the defnediated, even if the benefits are taken to the hospital , does not end.


As the Ministry of terrorism, drug traffickers, public order events, they struggle with traffic separately saying Soylu: "We have an affliction with the traffic.We find the culprit in other fights.But traffic is different.We alert citizens to be cautious.But we can not pick up the brake or gas inside the car or we can not collect the cell phones in the vehicles.There is a big task for our citizens at this time Road control punishments of inspections, laws, traffic infrastructure it is all our responsibility. We do our duty, we will continue making statements.


10 provinces, they use the drug in their taxi inspections, alcoholic drivers trapped in the vehicle that draws attention to the noble, "more than 400 seat belts do not wear.There are smokers in the car, there are loud music listeners," he said .

Not only terror terror, but also expressing that the noble's pacifiers, "recently said that a massage WhatsApp circulates that the government constantly cuts until the end of the year, they will cut it because there is choice at the end of the year will not Allah does not need to apply it with caution.

In the first 10 months of this year, fatality rate of fatal traffic accident falls to 5.5 percent noble, "We can not resolve this work with routine behavior. If a minister banquet on the first second third fourth day of the holiday to resolve these problems, this work will not be solved. "We will be on other days, sometimes in a helicopter, sometimes in a traffic police vehicle. If we do not warn the idea of ​​dying 7,500 people a year, we will not act on something that has been entrusted to us, "he said.


traffic fines of those who responded to criticisms aimed at raising noble, "This punishment is given to make mistakes." So I denetlemeyel If the seatbelt is arrested.We are trying to file a claim.We have traveled all over Turkey on the holidays.Get there were guards The driver says, "Let's punish the summer." He does not admit that he is wrong, even though he knows that he is wrong, we can not feed him with pride, only to give the person the feeling of "I did it wrong" instead of just filling the receipt.If we are willing to scare this, understand it or not, we are willing to respond to this.If we need to pay a price to resolve this work, we are ready for it.We fight against terrorism.I know what is happening in Pülümür in Gabar, Kato today.a floor a year "We give here. 7,900 people died in the year of 303,000 people who are injured by a guy who can not just look at the receipts. "Soylu also mentioned the work done to prevent accidents on the highway, 81,892 accident points in 81 provinces were identified and the measures taken by 55 percent of the loss of registered lives.Turkey Noble to various parts of the transit police model said that they started the application of model 582 traffic police and they put them through a reduction in the rate of accidents of 17.5 percent, he said.


Motorways at the speed limit that can increase the signal that gives you Soylu, "Let's see this a little more. At the moment the top speed of 132 kilometers 120 plus 10 percent on the highways. move the band said.

Traffic in a statement also related to car A blinking one of the subjects complained of Noble, "Turkey had 24,000 A car blinking in general. Its number Turkey received 4000 500 düşürdük.ilk once great response in general, but gradually accustomed to, "he said.


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