Was the 43rd trailer for the new episode published? Watch episode 42 of the pit: Vartolu, found the Saadeti!


With the 42nd episode of Çukur, the TV show appeared on Show TV on Monday, November 12. Every day, audience records released every day, Çukur, the 42nd episode that hit the screen last night, locked the audience again. Çukur 42 left the mark of Vartolu to find Saadeti. good; What happened in the 42nd section of Çukur? Here is episode 42 of "Çukur" and "Pit of the episode fragment 43 published." The answer to the question …


The pit will appear next Monday with the 43rd episode on Monday, November 19th. After episode 42 of Çukur, which is full of emotion that came to the screen last night, Çukur was translated into the 43rd episode of Çukur. The fragment of the 43rd episode of Çukur, which should have clues about the new chapter, is being enthusiastically explored by Pit viewers. good; Has the fragment of the moat part 43 been published? Let's just say that the episode of Pit Section 43 has not yet been released.


In the 42nd Section of Çukur; Celali unconscious that Celasun pointed a weapon at him and Celasun, will face the rooftops Karakuzular and Çukur'nun will be a chase of wind. Determined to bring the family back after seeing Akşın, Sena will try to join the Hillside Idris. The confrontation of Idris and Yamaç will bring moments full of emotion to the heads of the screen. Cumali is hesitant to see Idris. Slope, who picked up the Ersoyüks deficit, continued to use this chip Çeto & # 39; nun Vartolu for a plan, Yar Vartolu will lead to a difficult decision.



Stars: Aras Bulut Iynemli (Yamaç Koçovalı), Dilan Çiçek Deniz (Sena), Erkan Kolçak Köstendil (Vartolu Sadettin), Ercan Kesal (İdris Koçovalı), Perihan Savaş (Sultan Koçovalı), Şenay Gürler (Meliha), Erkan Avcı (Çeto), Berkay (Mahsun), Sermet Yesil, Burak Sergen (Baykal), Alperen Duymaz (Emrah), Boncuk Yilmaz (Saadet), Öner Erkan (Selim Kocovali), Riza Kocaoglu (Alicho), Nebil Sayin (Muhittin), Kubilay Aka , Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar (Nazım), Çetin Sarıkartal (Paxá), Kadir Çermik (Emmi), İrem Altuğ (Ayşe), Zeynep Kumral (Nedret), Cem Uslu (text), Uğur Yıldıran (Kemal), Aytaç Uşun (Meke) Elif Doğan (Hale), İlayda Alişan (Akşın), Ece Yaşar (Karaca), Mustafa Kırantepe (Medet), Doruk Nalbantoğlu (İsa), Ilgaz Cantor (Halil), Doğancan Sarıkaya (Acar), Mustafa Üstündağ (Hero), Selen Uçer (Maria)


topic: Çukur, one of the most troublesome parts of Istanbul, is in control of the Koçova family. The Kozovans' most important rules in administering the hole are that they never allow drugs. However, with the emergence of a new group prepared to break this ban, the current order is halted. When they think they give up the Koovanos, the youngest son of the family, the land and the rebellious slope will return to Çukur that he left to build a completely different life, and a new era will begin. The inclination plunged into a life many years ago, leaving the Çukurğiu and his family behind and not considering their future. Sena is a beautiful young woman who is as beautiful and useless as she is, it is cheap but dangerous, she believes she has found an infinite love. With the re-entry of the family Çukuriless and Yamaç Ys into the life of this young couple who have united to be happy until death, nothing will be as they dreamed. Is it the future of Sama, who works as a chemist during the day and with the rock band he plays as a vocalist at night, his future in Çukur and the story of Sena will allow them to form a common life?



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