Two trams hit one after another.


The event, Sultangazi Old Edirne Asfaltı Hacı Şükrü Stopping at the time of yesterday took place at around 14.00. İsmail Ünlü, 44, passed the distance between the rails as she cleared the tram tracks, and the tram from Topkapı-Masjid-i Selam was hit by the worker. The effect of the impact rushed to the other rails to the famous, this time the tram from the opposite direction crashed. Between the two trams were found to be broken and take abrasions on Ünlü's body.

After the accident, the first aid assistant of his colleagues ran. Citizens and a doctor who saw the crash also came running Celebrity.
In the meantime, medical teams arrived at the site after the notification. The first intervention on the ground was made at the scene of the incident. Then the ambulance was taken to a private hospital in Gaziosmanpaşa learned the danger of life of Ismail Ünlü.

On the other hand, the moment of the accident was reflected in the security cameras in seconds.


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