Turning on dark mode on Chrome (Android)


How to enable dark mode in the Chrome app on Android devices, which is extremely convenient on a daily basis?

The dark mode is one of the most successful features of the digital world, because everyone wakes up in the middle of the night and looks at the time of day, and will be confirmed by anyone browsing the Internet. This feature not only protects the eyes but also allows the battery to last longer thanks to OLED displays. How to enable dark mode in Chrome, the Internet browser on Android devices?


I've introduced iOS 13 with dark mode support:

Turning on dark mode on Chrome for Android

  • As a first step, grab your Android device and open the Chrome app.
  • Search Bar chrome: // flags code. This code will give you access to the advanced user interface with application settings.

  • Click the search bar in the upper left corner dark mode and enter two options. omission defining the able close and reopen the Chrome app.


Google Android App comes in dark mode

That's all you need to do. When you perform the above actions, your Chrome interface and the content of the websites you enter will be arranged in harmony with the dark mode. It is worth noting that this option is experimental. If you encounter a problem, you can undo the changed settings by entering the same advanced user interface.

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