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Turkey 2017 discloses the name of 100 main income tax payers list of 10 women's seats aldı.türkiye 2017 tax return He took 10 women on the list of names in the first 100 lists. The record for the record for 10 women was 98 million.

In the list of taxpayers announced on the most income tax in 2017, 10 women's tax returns were recorded from 100 people.

Suna Kıraç was a family member of Koç. Kıraç was sixth in the securities brokerage business with 28 million 169 thousand pounds of 306 pounds.

Vilda Gülçelik, honorary chairman of the ENKA Group, moved to the 23rd place, with 12 million 8 thousand 382 TL taxes, which came from the capital of the capital. Sevda Gülçelik, from the same family, was also ranked 29th with 10 million 106,000 329 pounds tax to secure human resources. Vildan Gülçelik is 28th in taxation and 43th in Sevda Gülçelik.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akbank Suzan Sabancı Dincher, who rose to 75th in the list, paid 9 million 215 thousand 291 TL. Necipat Akar Holding Chairman of the Board Nebahat Turkan Ozsezen 35 million 8 thousand 836 thousand people were found in the list tax.

A total of 6 million 888 thousand 690 lire were placed on the 50th place in the list, Çiğdem Sabancı Bilen.

Emine Kamışlı, vice president of Esas Holding, came to 75th place, amounting to 5 million 373 thousand 707 TL taxes.

Günsen Soyupak from Istanbul, however, collected 4 million 876 thousand 337 pounds of capital.

Member of Doğan Holding's Board of Directors Arzuhan Yalçındağ was 94th with 4 million 739 thousand 280 pounds tax.

A total of £ 98m was introduced to the ten women who received a record.

On the other hand, it was remarkable that Semahat Sevim Arsel, a member of Koç Holding's Board of Directors, was the tax return for the last four tax periods.


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