Turkey started receiving tax advertisers on Facebook


Facebook ads for a time to occur in the expected tax, Facebook advertisers began to appear. Yesterday, some advertisers noticed that the ads in the Facebook ad panel reflected taxation previously.

Those wishing to display a new ad on the platform face the tax return on the payment screen. Facebook in the Turkish Value Added Tax to enter publicity panel under Article 9 of the Act wanted to enter the Tax number.

Meanwhile, Facebook, the article published on the subject for advertisers, if they enter this number, 18 percent of the deduction will not be taken from them. Those who choose to switch to the suspended screen are automatically cut off by 18%.

In addition to the users who detected these screens during shipping, some advertisers faced the company information screen during the debt-ad payment process in the ad panel.

Facebook users who could not access the article on the subject yesterday had a brief panic. But with this new article of information, digital advertisers easily understood the scope of the tax process. Thanks to this new feature added to Facebook ads, he began his life as a tax advisor in digital advertising.


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